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Editorial Projects

A few favs...

Historian Fact Checks Aladdin's Wardrobe

Roles: co-writer & producer

Brand: Glamour

100 Years of Ponytails

Roles: Producer 

Brand: Allure


History professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Ayşe Baltacioğlu-Brammer fact checks the historical accuracy of the costumes and wardrobe in the animated Disney film Aladdin. She analyzes the film's contradicting conflations and stereotypes of the middle east, the famous tales that inspired the story, and the main costumes of Princess Jasmine, Aladdin, and the Sultan. Ayşe breaks down every layer of Aladdin's historical dress, from undergarments and shoes to makeup and hair.

Take a look back at the last hundred years of ponytails. From the Judy Garland inspired half-pigtails of the 1930s, the Brigitte Bardot inspired tousled ponytails of the 1960s, and the runway inspired bubble ponytails of today, heres how ponytails have transformed over the last century.

Ashley Graham Tries 9 Things She's Never Done Before

Director & Producer

Allure cover star Ashley Graham tries nine things she's never done before, from hula hooping while brushing her hair and teaching kids affirmations, to face painting with glow-in-dark paint and instructing strangers on how to model and walk a runway.

Lilly Singh Shows Us The Last Thing On Her Phone

Director & Producer

Lilly Singh shows us the last things on her phone. What is the last picture she took? How much time does she spend on Instagram in a day? What is the last thing she Googled? What is the last song she listened to? What cities is she tracking on her weather app?


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