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Disco Balls

Original Content

The Lifestyle Girls

Creator, writer & producer

The Lifestyle Girls is a mockumentary web series that takes a satirical look into lifestyle blogging and discovering that maybe there’s more to life than getting Likes. More episodes here.

Get Loved


A lonely woman gets a chance to find connection in a marketing focus group for yogurt.

Fall Boyfriends

Co-creator & co-writer

When the season changes from warm and carefree so do the vibes, and when fall hits we all want someone to go apple picking with. So we satarized this feeling by writing a Craigslist ad that went viral. Link to ad here, interview below. 

Birthday Brunch

Co-creator & writer

Because you hate it when it's not yours, but you gotta have it when it is yours. This fall you're invited to a birthday brunch, and don't worry we'll split the bill evenly!

E-mails From A Super Chill Bride


It's the bride we all know, and mostly love -- the one who says she's chill, but is far from it, afterall, it is her day. More chill bride videos can be found on my TikTok.

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