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The Ultimate Goal

TLDR: I want to write buddy comedy features for and by women.

Growing up, I fell in love with movies like Wedding Crashers, Old School and Anchorman. I loved that they were centered around best friends being ridiculous and having a hilariously good time while growing together in life. But where are these stories for women? We know how to have fun too. Why aren’t there more films that celebrate this? Trainwreck, Girls Trip, Bridesmaids are great films in this genre and I want to create MORE 


Women in film are being supported and uplifted, we can tell and shape our own stories (and write our own dialogue, thank god). I want to tell stories that are bold, hilarious and focus on the friendship between women and the adventures along the way. It always seems like a taboo for women to simply have fun and more stories of this will normalize women having fun for the sake of fun, like men have been doing in movies since the dawn of cinema. 

The movies I want to make are funny, heartfelt and bold. These stories are important because women shouldn’t have to watch “bro” humor to feel seen. 

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